Pentax K100D

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Pentax K100D

Postby Mel on Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:35 pm

Hi All
I have a Pentax K100d which had a dirty CCD. This has been cleaned but there is still some obvious dirt visable. Has anyone any ideas on how to have this dirt removed and where is it?
My other problem is that when I look through the eye piece the view is out of focus, if I auto focus on a subject, the image comes out clear on the screen but is blurred through the eye piece??? Any suggestions

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Re: Pentax K100D

Postby gstark on Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:28 am

Hi Mel,

Ok, two questions here ...

You say you have a dirty CCD. Could you please post a sample image? Are you comfy with doing a wet clean yourself? It's not hard. Failing that, if whomever is supposed to have already cleaned your sensor failed to do the job, then they should surely be asked to complete that task.

With your viewfinder seeming to be out of focus, the most obvious solution would be to check in your manual to see if you have any eyepiece correction optics. Often there will be a small wheel or switch right next to the eyepiece, and that adjusts the focus at the eyepiece.

Next up, is the groundglass properly seated? Did this problem occur after you had the sensor cleaned? If so, it may be possible that not only did they fail to properly clean the sensor, they may have dislodged the groundglass. Reseating this might not be too difficult, but I'm not personally familiar with the model.

There may also be an alignment issue with the mirror, but my first guess though would be to RTFM and see if you have focus adjustment; that is most likely to be the problem, and it's simple to fix.
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Re: Pentax K100D

Postby Big Red on Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:33 pm

although you've probably fixed this by now ...
there is a slider on top of the viewfinder, focus on a light wall or the sky and adjust slider until the black lines in the viewfinder are as sharp as possible.
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